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Unframed Prints

Art on a budget

I wanted to create a collection of prints that would suit any budget and need. If you find starting an art collection a little daunting, try starting with our smaller prints which go for under $30.

unframed print sizes

Frame it your way

Our unframed prints come in square, landscape and portrait formats and go from 8x10 inches to 24x36 inches. This makes it easy to find something that will fit any frames you might already have or match your art to your decor.

 Nursery Pastels

Coordinate your look

I'll launch a selection of unframed prints with each pattern collection. This will give you a simple way to coordinate your decor and bring a room together easily.

For example, having a few key items in coordinated motifs, patterns and colours can allow you a lot of flexibility with how you decorate the rest of a room. 

unframed print production 

Made-to-order and made to last

Printed when you order them to reduce waste, all unframed prints are of archival quality. The paper is thick, acid-free and matt so you don't have to worry about fingerprints ruining the finish. Pigments are light-fast and made to last.

If you want them to last a lifetime take care not to hang prints in direct sunlight or in high moisture areas (such as the bathroom).

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