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Ever walked into a store and confidently picked out a pair of pants and matching top in your size only to realise one doesn't fit? We all have.

The beauty of in-store shopping is you can try on a different size right there and then. With online shopping it's trickier.

Sure you can return or exchange the item. But who wants the hassle? Not to mention having to wait for a replacement.

Shipping is taking longer due to safe distancing requirements, fewer airlines running and country restrictions in place. It just takes longer to get something now. 

There's no point doubling the time by getting the sizes wrong and having to order a replacement.

Sizes are not the same

We all need to shop online now

Online clothes shopping needs a new kind of savvy. With the retail world topsy-turvy it's more important than ever to get your order right the first time.

And that's where size guides come in.

You know those tables of numbers which make your mind numb as you try working out what your size 12 means?

Take the stress and doubt out of the equation by taking your measurements.

Once you've done that, the numbers will mean something. You'll be able to get the right size based on facts.

And you'll never have to do the walk of shame back to the rack to ask the kind store lady for a larger size.


Smart online shopping

Don't just pick your usual size

Don't exhaust yourself trying to figure out clothing size equivalents.

A medium-sized dress in one store may not be the same fit as a medium in another store, or even another medium dress from the same store.

Likewise a US 14 might mean a large, medium or even extra large depending on the cut of the item.


Use a tape measure

How to get your size right

It's simple to get your measurements and you only have to do it once. Well. Maybe once every few years.

1. Use a tape measure. One of those free IKEA ones will do nicely. You can measure yourself or get a loved one to do it from the comfort of home. 

2. Use a ruler and string. Or ribbon or robe sash in a pinch. Don't have a ruler? Google "printable rulers" and print one out.

Essential measurements

Get the right measurements

Unless you're tailoring a snazzy suit jacket for your next Zoom call, you don't need too many measurements. These are the essentials:

  1. Chest. We want plenty of room here. Wear a bra if that's your norm and measure to your widest bit.
  2. Waist. This is just above your belly-button.
  3. Hips. Just below your hip bones, just above your bottom.
  4. Top Length. Shoulder to waist or hip.
  5. Dress Length. Shoulder to wherever you like your dresses to end.
  6. Leg Length. Hip or waist to ankle or mid-calf, depending if you want high or low waist, long or capri pants respectively.

Save your vital stats somewhere you can refer to when ordering - your phone, your iPad or your laptop. Not on a scrap of paper!

Final pro-online-shopper tip

Failing all the above or if it's just too much bother, or if you want to be doubly sure you get what you like, there is a quick and dirty way you can get the right size. 

Find a favourite item of clothing from your own wardrobe and measure it for the same stats as the item you want online. 

Pay attention to the material though.

If your own item is stretchy and you wear it tight, you want to be sure the item you're ordering has the same stretch. If you're not sure, try measuring yourself wearing the item to be extra sure.

You can view or download Geckojoy Size Guides right here to help you get the right size for our beach fashion range.

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