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Value-for-money mounting

I see Framed Prints as being a great option for collectors who want a hassle-free way of getting art on their walls. You don't need to hunt for a frame to fit your print and you don't need to worry too much about busting your monthly expenses.

Private collectors, interior designers and anyone managing holiday villas or rental properties needing a quick and easy spruce-up would find this a workable solution.

The frames aren't high-end so don't expect too much in the way of a durable finish. They should hold up to moving house, but probably won't survive a toddler's temper tantrum.

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Convenience with options

The frames come in either black or white so you can choose which best suits your decor. The backing is lightweight cardboard - white for international orders and cardboard color for those of you who are States-side.

The beauty of this is if you want to upgrade your mount at a later date, it's easy to do so. Simply remove the print and reframe it, or do what I do with old frames - scuff them with some sandpaper and give them a shabby-chic lick of paint.

They also come with hanging hardware in the box, but it's not attached. For me, this works. I like to lean my picture frames on shelves or fix them flat against my rented walls using a nail-free velcro solution. So I like the idea of giving my collectors more flexibility.

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Made-to-order to reduce waste

I love this as it means I only produce what my customers want. There's no surplus and zero waste.

On top of this, Framed Prints use wood from renewable forests and we fulfill orders from both USA and Latvia to reduce shipping times and fossil fuel consumption. 

Good things take time. Expect your print to arrive 2 to 6 weeks after ordering depending on destination.

Drooping Drowsy Boughs Framed Print

No compromise on print quality

It's important to me that my collectors receive prints that will last at least their lifetime. So, while these prints may be a more affordable, thinner, 190 gsm option, they are archival giclée prints using a matte rag (so fingerprints won't smudge) and Epson inks (so colors stay vibrant and your collection lasts longer). 

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