"My paternal grandmother was born on a sheep farm in Kati Kati, New Zealand. As a young woman she travelled to England where she met and married my Grandfather. They named their English house Aotearoa after her home country.

She kept an English garden filled with lavender and roses and always seemed so stable, conservative and dependable when I was a child. It was only when I was older that I realised what an adventurer she was to leave her home alone at a young age. My father followed in her footsteps the other way and met and married my mother in Singapore. I have only managed comparatively short trips, but I believe my love of travel comes from her side of the family.

Aotearoa is a collection of designs are inspired by my travels to temperate countries in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and my Grandma's very English garden."

by Geckojoy

This collection is coming soon.