Hovering Formless Breeze

Hovering Formless Breeze

Rainforest Utopia 14

"Have you ever lain down in the grass just for the heck of it? I admit this wasn't me until my dog forced me to. She's a big dog and when she wants to do something, it's easier to just let her be. So when she wants to lie down in her favourite field and just "be" I now join her.

Sometimes I'll make out I'm all purposeful and busy; checking my messages, or my Fitbit, or making an attempt at V-crunches and leg raises. But the best moments are when I check my dog. She just smiles, and breathes and watches everything.

This piece is to remind me of those quiet moments of peace when my dog and I watch the birds, and the trees, the grass and the wildflowers. And the hovering formless breeze."

by Geckojoy