Charitable Designs

I run a little art and design business, but I believe even a little counts. Charities I support inspire me to do better:

  • To reduce waste by only making items when you order them.
  • To reduce the plastic in our packaging as much as possible.
  • To use recycled or recyclable materials whenever we can.
  • To partner with companies who also value sustainability and social responsibility.
  • To give customers information and options to make their own choices.

bird art

Singapore charities

My mother always told me charity begins at home, so I support each of the local charities below with a monthly subscription donation through



I've loved ACRES and what they do since they started in my days as a journalist. They rescue, care for and rehabilitate injured animals and wildlife. They're also vocal activists against and educators about the wildlife trade. If you ever see an injured bird or a snake wanders into your house, they're the ones to call.

ACRES website  

ACRES profile


Causes for Animals (CAS) is the animal shelter my street dog Truffles came from. She looks just like the dog in their logo too. They are a tiny team of people who do amazing work for street dogs in their care and around Singapore.

CAS website

CAS profile


Chaos and charity are global

I believe in the chaos theory and that if a butterfly flaps its wings, we're going to feel it eventually. It's important to me that I help where there's a need if I can, even if I live far away.

So every year I give an annual donation to other charities which may or may not be local. This year my donation went to helping animals caught in the Australian bushfires.


Looking for partners

I would love to discuss ideas you might have for your environmental or animal-related cause, charity or fundraising event.

Drop me a note below if you'd like to use Geckojoy art, products or design services and I'll get back to you.