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Need something customised for your event, business or product line? Hire Geckojoy as your project's designer.

Want a pattern you've seen in our store on your product? No problem! We have options for you.

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    You can choose advance ordering and payment for three types of service.

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  • borderless boundaries

    We're based in beautiful, bustling Singapore. If you're connected to wifi, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

    SC49 bedroom

    the bird seed resort & spa

    The Bird Seed Resort & Spa is on a beach on a nearby island and you can take a boat there whenever you want. All you have to do is close your eyes and dream.

    SC49 spa

    There's a tranquil spa where you get a relaxing massage and beauty treatment. In the afternoon there's a tropical storm, so you shelter with cocktails under umbrellas by the pool.

    In the evening you walk along the beach and pick up sea shells. After dinner you soak in a sea salt bath overlooking the forest and go to sleep in a soft four-poster bed.

    SC49 bathroom
    SC49 umbrella

    Featured Patterns - Chasing Birds & Melon Seeds

    design brief

  • 2 seamless vector patterns
  • 3 colour ways
  • 1 placement design for branded tea product range
  • PDF, PNG and JPEG files
  • S$850

    services required

  • Initial Consultation x 1
  • Online Consultation x 3
  • Pattern Design x 2
  • Placement Design x 1
  • Revision Request x 2
  • Commercial Licence x 1
  • Exclusive Licence x 1
  • just a dream

    The Bird Seed Resort & Spa is a fantasy. It's a place we dream of going whenever life gets a little tiring. Although our spa is fictional, yours might be wonderfully real.

    We thought we'd show you a little of what our dream spa looks like so you can see if you'd like something similar for your brand or business.

    SC49 tin

    let's dream a little together

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